Holidays pose problems to people with food allergies

Holidays pose problems to people with food allergies.

Follow these tips to minimize the risk of allergy and anaphylaxis. 

  1. When accepting an invitation, tell your host about your, or your child’s, dietary restrictions. To avoid a fuss at the table, make sure your child knows ahead of time which foods to stay away from.
  2. Ask how food — including desserts — will be prepared. Utensils used to prepare one dish can transfer traces of an allergen to other dishes.
  3. Offer to bring a dish that everyone can eat.
  4. Read all labels. Ingredients can change, so don’t assume a product that was once safe is still OK to eat.
  5. Time permitting, cook from scratch so you control all the ingredients. Freeze extra portions to save time later.
  6. Make a list available of each dish’s ingredients, especially if you’re serving a buffet and are too busy to answer every guest’s questions.

(by Patti Singer)

Read more about it by clicking the link above. Also, remember to take your Epipen with you if you are at risk for anaphylaxis.

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