Tips for Tackling Winter Allergy Triggers

Tips for Tackling Winter Allergy Triggers.

Miller and Reisacher offered the following tips to help allergy sufferers through the winter:

  1. Turn on the exhaust fan when showering or cooking to remove excess humidity and odors from your home, and clean your carpets with a HEPA vacuum to decrease dust mites and pet allergen levels. Mopping your floors is also a good idea.
  2. Wash your hands often, especially after playing with pets and when coming home from public places.
  3. Wash your bed linens and pajamas in hot water (above 130 degrees) to kill dust mites.
  4. Consider your bedroom the allergy “safe haven” of your home. Keep pets, carpets, rugs and plants out of your bedroom to avoid dust mites and mold from decaying plants. It is a good idea to place an allergenic barrier around your pillows and mattress to create a barrier between dust mites and your nose.
  5. Before putting up your Christmas tree, spray it with a garden hose and remove all dust from your holiday decorations.
  6. Install high-efficiency furnace filters. They capture 30 times more allergens. Also make sure your furnace fan is always on.
  7. Keep your indoor humidity level between 30 percent and 40 percent — using a humidifier or dehumidifier — to prevent mold growth. Change humidifier water and filters according to manufacturer recommendations to avoid mold and bacteria contamination.
  8. Survey your house indoors and outdoors monthly to look for visible mold, and identify areas that are at high risk for mold formation. Examples include a pile of firewood close to the house or an area of the basement with a musty smell.

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  1. Edith Gray,

    I like YOUR website.

    The one that you send me reminders of my appointments on is bad. You cannot sign up to use their services because their site isn’t accepting a work phone number now which is required or you cannot go further. This is also very dumb for a required field, because retired folks don’t have a work #!
    This is the website I am speaking of.

    Also, they have no “contact us” section on the page to be able to let them know they have a problem. Also, their last page loads to the right and you cannot see the column on the left. There is no way to get to that column.

    Hope you all have a very Blessed 2014.!

    Edie Gray

    • Thanks Edith for taking time to share this. We will talk to the software provider and try to resolve this. In the mean time, please use our clinic phone number 574-534-9911 for communication.

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