Epipen Can Prevent Death from Allergies

“I’d like to write a few words about anaphylaxis in the wake of that terrible tragedy before Christmas, where a young girl died on Dublin’s O’Connell Street from a peanut allergy. Doubtless, the City Coroner will assemble all the facts of the case and issue some recommendations with his verdict, but I think it’s high time that the management of children and adults with life-threatening allergies was given the priority it deserves by our public health service. Ireland has probably the worst allergy services in Western Europe. Education is woefully lacking in this area, as are trained specialists. It would also seem like an opportune time to set up a national anaphylaxis clinic that would register and manage patients who are potentially one ingested allergen away from sudden death. This country was able to spend millions placing thousands of never-to-be-used, rusting defibrillators all over the country, yet, when a life-saving adrenaline pen is required, there is none to be found. I don’t know if it’s feasible to put a publically accessible EpiPen in every surgery, pharmacy, school or restaurant in the country, but this awful tragedy reminds us that some serious lessons need to be learned.”


To read more, please click on this link Rude health: Taking steps to prevent death from allergies.

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