Mold at School can Cause Asthma; a Recent Study in CHEST Journal


Photo Credit: Mokra from Brazil

Photo Credit: Mokra from Brazil


A cross-sectional survey was conducted to assess allergic/asthmatic conditions in schoolchildren aged 6∼15 years old in 44 schools across Taiwan. Personal histories and current asthmatic conditions were collected. Fungal spores in classroom were collected using a Burkard Personal Air Sampler and counted under light microscopy.

The survey was completed by 6346 out of 7154 parents. The prevalences of physician-diagnosed asthma, current asthma, and asthma with symptoms reduced on holidays or weekend.

Classroom mold counts were significantly associated with childhood asthma and with reduced asthma symptoms on weekends. Government health policy should explore environmental interventions for the elimination of fungal spores in classrooms to reduce the prevalence of childhood asthma.

If your child has asthma, please call us for a simple allergy test to exclude mold and other allergies. 


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  1. odorklenz,

    Thank you for sharing this post with us and I couldn’t agree with you more that the lifestyle choice we make can actually contribute to our illnesses, especially when it comes to respiratory illnesses such as COPD and asthma. We often take for granted the indoor air quality in our homes and introduce toxic cleaning products and building material and furniture that off-gas horrible VOCs. I would like to add to your valuable points that you made and suggest that for allergy and asthma sufferers to invest in an air purifier. I found an air purifier that not only focuses on HEPS filtration but chemical odor neutralization as well. I hope you don’t mind if I share the link with your readers as I feel it will compliment your awesome post(if not please delete)

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