Got Food Allergies? How to Trim Your Grocery Bill


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1. Prepare Home Cooked Meals

The best way to cut costs when dealing with food allergies is to start cooking at home.

2. Research Non-Traditional Grocers
If you start prepping your own meals, check for a local farmers market near you.

3. Follow Allergy-Friendly Websites
Once you find an allergy-friendly food brand you trust, search its website for printable coupons.

4. Research Coupons
Sign up for your local grocer’s loyalty program.

5. Buy in Bulk
In my experience, allergen-friendly foods rarely go on sale. When you do see a deal, stock up as much as possible.

6. Pay Attention to Labels
Although you probably already know this, it bears repeating. If you have a severe allergy, always read ingredient labels. Remember, even if the food you’re purchasing is allergen-free, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t processed in a plant that handles other foods. Never assume a boxed, canned, processed, or bagged food is allergen-free.


Got Food Allergies? How to Trim Your Grocery Bill | Saving Money In Chicago.

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