Doctors expect rough fall allergy season –


Doctors expect rough fall allergy season – Quincy News, Weather, Sports, and Radio.

Last year’s allergy sufferers saw once of the worst seasons in recent years and the conditions are pretty similar for this year, says Dr. Timothy Ott the Medical Director at the SIU School of Medicine.  One big contributor to last year’s allergies was ragweed pollen which grows in vacant lots, along side roads, and in open fields.

Ott says if you have allergies, try to limit your exposure to known allergens.

“The other things that can aggravate allergies is the more you’re exposed to whatever it is you’re allergic to,” Ott said. “So if you stay in a nice air conditioned building, you are going to get a lot less allergies than if you are out working in a field all day long.”

Ott also says that allergies can become problematic for those with a chronic illness like COPD, asthma and even diabetes.

Ott says another common problem is doctors can have a hard time distinguishing  allergies from a cold.

“I think the key difference is cold symptoms won’t usually last more than a few days to a week,” Ott said. “So if you have symptoms lasting two, three, four weeks and occur every year around the same time, those are most likely allergy symptoms.”

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