Fall allergy survival guide | Fox News


Fall allergy survival guide | Fox News.

Here are some simple and practical allergy tips to help you start fighting fall allergies:

Wear oversized sunglasses to block airborne pollens and molds from entering your eyes and lids that will cause redness and watery eyes.

Go for a wide-brimmed hat and avoid hair gels that turn your ‘do into a pollen magnet!

Even during mid-Fall, avoid line drying clothing— particularly bed linens— on a high-pollen day outdoors.

Pollen levels are highest on windy, dry and sunny days.  Check your local weather reports to identify high allergy days.

Simple in-office allergy tests can pinpoint your problem.

Many medications will work better (nasal antihistamines/steroids, oral antihistamines and eye drops) if you start them even before symptoms begin.

Allergy injections (shots) and/or sublingual allergy treatment are the only immune-based therapy we have that will help to reduce allergy symptoms. The goal is to provide excellent long-term relief, in a large majority of allergy sufferers.

Shampoo and shower nightly to rinse the pollens from your skin and hair. Change your clothing before entering your bedroom to prevent pollens from being brought into your bedroom.

Gently irrigate your eyelids (while your eyes are closed) with a mild, tear-free “baby” shampoo to remove excess allergens and pollutants that may have accumulated.

The sites in the home that are mostly likely to harbor molds include the bathroom— especially on the tile and under the sink— basement areas and damp carpeting.

It’s important to wash any fall or winter clothing that has been in storage where dust and molds may have accumulated on them. Wash them thoroughly before wearing them.

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