Why Change Liners for Your CPAP Mask?

Why Change Mask Liners?.

“Don’t fix it if ain’t broken!” A patient reluctantly shared with me when I asked him about CPAP supplies renewal.

Supplies renewal recommendations from the manufacturers and DME companies appeared to me to be motivated by personal gain. Now, I have become more and more religious about advocating and even insisting that all my patients change them as recommended.

To make my point, I just saw an Amish patient in his 50s on CPAP. He felt better, but not all the way. His pretreatment apnea hypopnea index was 43/hr. On his CPAP compliance report, it was 13.5/hr, which is abnormal. We like it less than 5/hr and preferably close to 0/hr!

Why was he having residual apnea? At least, in part it was the air leak from not changing his mask liner! Take a look at the following compliance report in the right half of the image.


So, get your supplies refilled in a timely manner.

Sleep Well, Live Well.


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  1. Very important. I think we all get “lazy” from time to time. A tooth brush is a great example. It is so easily and inexpensive to replace, but I find myself all the time using the same tooth brush for way too long. Replace your CPAP Mask! Even if you think it still is working good after 2 or 3 years. Just replace it!

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