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Are you allergic to your Christmas tree?

Are you allergic to your Christmas tree? From WebMD UK

One US study which investigated evidence for ‘Christmas tree syndrome’ found that respiratory illnesses peaked in people of all age groups in the weeks either side of December 25th. An examination of levels of airborne mould spores in an apartment increased from 800 spores per cubic metre before the arrival of a Christmas tree to 5,000 spores per cubic metre after 2 weeks…

The authors concluded: “Most molds that were identified are potential allergens and have been shown to increase the risk of wheeze, persistent cough, and allergic sensitisation in infants.”

Maureen Jenkins says these molds can also lead to “watery, itchy, or sore eyes and a blocked or runny nose, and sometimes difficulty breathing”, and not just in those with asthma…

The advice from Allergy UK is to make sure live Christmas trees are washed down thoroughly before being brought into the house. An even safer bet is to opt for an artificial tree, but even with these it is important to wash them before they are packed away and stored.

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