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‘Natural’ moisturisers can cause Food Allergies


Photo Credit: Jos Van Galen

Photo Credit: Jos Van Galen

Professor Robyn O’Hehir, Director of Allergy, Immunology and Respiratory Medicine, said many creams – even for the treatment of dry skin and eczema – are advertised as ‘natural’ products.  “Surprisingly, some of these products contain foods which are known to cause allergy,” Professor O’Hehir said.

“Goat’s milk, cow’s milk, nut oils and oats are common ingredients in ‘natural’ cosmetics.”

Professor O’Hehir said the study, published this month in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, was the first to demonstrate in the laboratory evidence of a link between topical application of cosmetics and the subsequent development of food allergy. 

Health News – ‘Natural’ moisturisers can cause food allergies. To read more, please click on the above link.

Got Food Allergies? How to Trim Your Grocery Bill


Photo Credit: northshorekids.com

Photo Credit: northshorekids.com


1. Prepare Home Cooked Meals

The best way to cut costs when dealing with food allergies is to start cooking at home.

2. Research Non-Traditional Grocers
If you start prepping your own meals, check for a local farmers market near you.

3. Follow Allergy-Friendly Websites
Once you find an allergy-friendly food brand you trust, search its website for printable coupons.

4. Research Coupons
Sign up for your local grocer’s loyalty program.

5. Buy in Bulk
In my experience, allergen-friendly foods rarely go on sale. When you do see a deal, stock up as much as possible.

6. Pay Attention to Labels
Although you probably already know this, it bears repeating. If you have a severe allergy, always read ingredient labels. Remember, even if the food you’re purchasing is allergen-free, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t processed in a plant that handles other foods. Never assume a boxed, canned, processed, or bagged food is allergen-free.


Got Food Allergies? How to Trim Your Grocery Bill | Saving Money In Chicago.

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