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Some turning to bees for allergy relief | KOB.com



Some turning to bees for allergy relief | KOB.com.

James Lynch says he loves taking his kids out to the parks in Albuquerque, but hates the allergies that come with it.

“I just get real bad sinus and congestion,” he said. He also tries to avoid pharmaceutical medications for his symptoms.

“You see all the commercials with all the side effects,” he said.

Lynch is not alone many New Mexicans resort to a natural remedy that has been buzzing around for years.

“The great thing about local honey is that it really is the taste of your neighborhood,” she said.

Jessie Brown is one of 400 beekeepers in Albuquerque.

She says many New Mexicans want local honey.

That’s because bees pick up the same pollen that causes allergies.

The hope is the honey will help with immunity to the allergens that make them miserable this time of year.

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